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Benefits of undergoing urology treatment

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  • The branch of medicine which diagnoses and treats disease of the urinary tract in men and women is known as urology. It also encompasses the conditions of reproductive tract in men. In severe cases, there may be need of surgery. For example – cancer or any blockage in the urinary tract is only solved with the help of surgery. Urinary tract infection can be in any part of the urinary system, kidney, bladder or urethra. It is more common in women and can also be seen in men. If you are looking for urology treatment hospitals in India, then get in touch with Health and Holidays.

    Urinary tract is the body’s drainage system which stores and removes urine from the body. It is composed of waste products and extra fluids. According to urology doctors in India, following are the important parts of this system –

    ·   Kidneys – they are two bean size shaped organs located below the rib cage. Their main function is to filter approximately 120-150 quarts of blood and produce 1-2 quarts of urine.

    ·  Ureters – They are thin tubes of muscles present on each side of the bladder. They carry urine from kidneys to the bladder.

    ·  Bladder – It is a muscular but hollow organ in the pelvis just above the pubic bone. It stores urine and allows controlled urination. On an average, the capacity of bladder is around 400-600 ml.

    Urinary tract is important in body for filtering waste and extra fluid from the bloodstream and eventually removing from the body. Urology specialists in India are capable of handling different categories such as male, female and pediatric oncology. There is also urology oncology in which cancer of the urinary system like bladder, kidney, prostate, testicles etc are dealt with.

    Bladder cancer

    Best urology hospitals in India treat bladder cancer which is one of the most common cancers. It occurs more frequently in men than in women. It most often begins in the cells that line the inside of the bladder. Its sign and symptoms include blood in urine, painful urination, pelvic pain etc. There might also be back pain and frequent urination. Treatment option bladder cancer hospitals can be in the form of surgery in which cancerous tissues are removed. Reconstruction is also a way out to create a new way for urine to exit the body after the removal of the bladder.

    Kidney stones

    They are hard deposits in the kidneys made up of minerals and salt that from inside of the kidneys. They are formed in the body when urine becomes concentrated allowing minerals to crystallize and stick together. They do not cause any danger to health but can be very painful. It can be removed by drinking lots of water and taking pain medication. If the stones are lodged in the urinary tract, there is need of surgery. Best kidney transplant hospitals in India take help of a procedure known as percutaneous nephrolithotomy in which small incisions are made through which small telescopes and instruments are inserted. You will take around 2-3 days to recover in the hospitals.

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