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How are cancers of head and neck detected

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  • There are over 100 different types of cancers known to human beings. They can affect any part of the body. The collective group of cancers that affect the mouth, sinuses, nose and throat comes under the heading of head and neck cancers. Most of these cancers start in the squamous cells. These cells make up the thin layer of tissue on the surface of the structures in the head and neck. Health and Holidays will help you in connecting with the best head and neck oncology treatment hospitals in India.

    They help in promoting best healthcare tourism in India. With the help of treatments available from the finest doctors in India, they are able to attract patients from all over the world. When it comes to treating head and neck cancer, not only there will be human lives saved but also will add to the medical tourism in India.

    Best head & neck oncology doctors in India diagnose the condition with the help of the following tests –

    ·     Physical examination – You are tested for any lumps that might be felt on the neck, lips, gums and cheeks. Additional blood and urine tests are done to help diagnose cancer.

    ·   Endoscopy – An instrument known as endoscope is used which has a thin, light and flexible tube. The name of the procedure depends on which body part the diagnosis is to be done. For ex- it is known as laryngoscopy if it is done for larynx, pharyngoscopy to view the pharynx etc.

    ·     Molecular testing – different lab tests are done to identify specific genes, proteins and other essential factors. It is done to see if there will be need of target therapy as a treatment option.

    There are different risk factors of this cancer. Some of them mentioned by head and neck oncology treatment hospital in India are as follows –

    ·   Use of tobacco in cigarettes and pipes is the most common risk factor. More than 80 percent of the cases of head and neck are related to tobacco only.

    ·     Heavy consumption of alcohol directly affects mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus.

    ·  It is more commonly seen in men. Men are 2-3 times more likely to develop it.

    ·  Other reasons include sun exposure, poor or oral dental hygiene, poor nutrition, weakened immune system etc.

    Depending on the signs and symptoms, treatment is given accordingly. In surgical treatment, some of the healthy tissue is removed along with the cancerous tumor. If the tumor is located in the larynx, laser technology is preferred. If the cancer has invaded other parts of the body, then lymph nodes in the neck are removed. Radiation therapy is also a treatment option. An oral oncologist should be consulted because there might be some decay of tooth. Target therapy is more exact and effective. If you are a candidate for this therapy, then epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is recommended. It stops the growth of certain types of head and neck cancer.

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