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Which is the best hospital for aortic aneurysm treatment

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  • Aorta is the largest artery in the body. The function of the heart is to pump blood. It does so by pumping the blood from left ventricle into the aorta. It is tough and highly durable. These two components make it function in a normal manner. But there are some conditions which doesn’t let it work properly. Aortic aneurysm is one of those conditions. It is defined as the weakening on the wall of the aorta. There is a formation of the bulge which can lead to leakage. This can cause blood to come out of them. If you are suffering from this condition, then get in touch with Health and Holidays which will suggest the best aortic aneurysm treatment hospital in India.

    They have contacts in best hospitals in India. This not only brings relief to the patient but also adds to Medical tourism in India. There are two types of aneurysms – 

    ·        Thoracic aortic aneurysm

     As the name suggests, it happens in the thorax region. It can cause tearing in the artery leading to bleeding. In the growing stage of the aneurysm, there are hardly any symptoms. As they grow, there may be symptoms likes shortness of breath, cough, pain in back, tenderness etc. A doctor may be immediately consulted when this aneurysm ruptures causing sharp pain in the upper back, breathing difficulties, arm pain etc.

    There are different reasons which contribute to this disease. Build up of the plaque in the artery valves make them less flexible. This may cause them to weaken and bulge. It is also related to genes. People born with Marfan syndrome are risk of this type of aneurysm. Some other types of syndromes are Ehlers-Danlos and Turner.

    Best aortic aneurysm treatment hospitals in India prescribe medications such as beta blockers, Angiotensin II receptor blockers, statins etc. Surgery is recommended if the size of your aneurysm is about 1.9 to 2.4 inches and above. It can either be done as open-chest surgery or endovascular surgery. Latter one is a minimally invasive surgery but not suggested to everyone. 

    ·       Abdominal aortic aneurysm

    It happens in the lower part of the aorta. In this condition, walls of the aorta bulge out like a small balloon. In case of rupture, there is life threatening bleeding. All of them start very small and are without symptoms. This makes it very difficult for them to be detected. When they become enlarged, then there may be a pulsating feeling near the navel, excruciating pain in the abdomen. It is caused by smoking, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, infection, trauma etc.

    The detection of this condition is done while finding out something else. Some of the detection tests include abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, MRI etc. Best aortic aneurysm doctors in India treat this condition by preventing the aneurysm from rupturing. If they are small and without any symptoms, then medical monitoring is enough but if the size is larger than 1.9 inches, then there is need of surgery.

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