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Why is there a need of liver transplant hospitals

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  • Liver is considered as the largest organ present in the human body. The function of liver in the body is to filter the blood before it is circulated to rest of the body. This is done to remove toxins from the body. Along with this, it changes food into energy with the help of which we are able to do physical work. Conditions such as failure stop it from performing its function in a normal manner. This is when you need to consult liver transplant hospitals in India.

    Health and Holidays is a platform which helps you in selecting the best hospitals. Due to rise in the number of patients coming from outside India, Medical tourism in India is growing rapidly. Everyone prefers India as here you will get best healthcare tourism. A transplant is one of the main reasons why people flock here. It is reserved as a last resort for patients who are suffering from major complications and are not relieved of symptoms from other diseases.

    Some of the common reasons stated by best liver transplant surgery specialists in India are as follows –

    ·     Hepatitis B – It is the infection of liver which can lead to its failure and in some cases, cancer can also be caused. It spreads when people come in contact with body fluids or blood of the infected person in the body.

    ·    Cirrhosis – It is the condition in which there is replacement of healthy liver tissue with scar tissue. This will eventually lead to the stopping of the body part. More than 20 percent of the cases of the cirrhosis are seen in people who are heavy drinkers. You may notice jaundice, skin itching in this disease.

    ·   Other causes may include genetic diseases related to liver such as Hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease. Then, there are conditions that affect the bile duct such as biliary cirrhosis, biliary artesia etc.

    This surgery carries its own set of risk. Before going forward, you should be educated about them. Liver transplant doctors in India will let you know about the risks in detail. It is up to you to decide if you are comfortable and ready for the transplant procedure. Some of the common risks associated are –

    ·        Complications of bile duct such as leakage, shrinking etc.

    ·        Bleeding and blood clots.

    ·        Failure of the organ that is donated to you.

    ·        Rejection of the donated organ.

    ·        Infections and mental seizures.

    Best Liver transplant hospitals in India check whether you are an ideal candidate or not. There should not be any medical conditions that would come in between any transplant procedure. Tests such as lab tests, imaging tests, heart tests are required. In this process, anesthesia is given. The liver is taken from the donor body. Diseased liver is taken out from your body and the donated one is placed in position. All the blood vessels and bile ducts are connected to the new liver now. After the procedure, you will spend a few days in ICU.

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