Understand in a better way about your medical condition. The strategic plan of how your enquiry will work out is given below -

  • 1

    You drop an enquiry

  • 2

    We help to collect all necessary medical records and diagnostic tests

  • 3

    Your case is matched to an expert shortlist

  • 4

    You choose your medical expert

  • 5

    You will receive treatment plan with an estimate.

1. You will inquire with us by discussing the problem that you are suffering from.
2. To help you in an elaborate manner, we will need all the necessary medical records and diagnostic tests.
3. After studying the tests, experts of the given field will be shortlisted and the list will be provided to you.
4. You will choose the medical expert under whom you want to get treated.
5. When you have informed us about the doctor, we will forward you the complete treatment plan along with an approximate estimate of the total treatment.

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