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Veins for By-pass Surgery Now Can be Bioengineered Using Stem Cells

Stem cells were used successfully in a 10 year old girl in Sweden to bioengineer vein for bypass of a blockage in one of the large liver veins (portal vein). A blockage of portal vein can happen due to various … Continue reading

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Not Just Women, Now Men Too May Be Susceptible to Breast Cancer

With Angelina Jolie’s recent brave move to undergo a double mastectomy, breast cancer seems to be a trending topic on the internet. New developments and treatments don’t seem to dull the ‘scary’ sheen of breast cancer, and it still stands … Continue reading

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Male birth control: non-hormonal injection could be effective

Whereas women have several options for long-lasting contraception, men currently have a limited selection available to them. Vasectomy is the only effective long-acting method available for men, but a new, non-hormonal, injectable gel could change the game. Results of a … Continue reading

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Memory encoding may be influenced by expectation

After testing participants’ recall of scenes where people pass around balls of different colors, researchers suggest attention is not enough to remember the features of events accurately; expectation also plays a role. The psychologists, from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), … Continue reading

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