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What is Dermoid Cyst?

A dermoid cyst is a sac-like growth that is formed in or on the skin. The growth is present at birth and usually occurs on the face near the eyebrow, beneath the skull, on the lower back scalp or on … Continue reading

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Heart Failure Patients Usually Do Not Return to Work

One-third of patients hospitalised with heart failure for the first time have not returned to work one year later, reveals a study in nearly 12 000 patients presented today at Heart Failure 2016 and the 3rd World Congress on Acute … Continue reading

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Cigarette Smoking Does Not Make One Modern, Fashionable

In the garb of being modern, fashionable, independent and self confident, women/girls consider smoking as an expression of independence. Gory pictures on cigarette packets depicting the dangers of smoking have helped people kick the butt But despite all the images … Continue reading

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Diabetes risk ‘surprisingly lower’ in older men who are unhappily married

new study suggests that the link between a person’s health and the quality of their marriage may be less straightforward than we might assume. It finds that – compared with happily married peers – men in unhappy marriages are less … Continue reading

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