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Why do we sleep badly during the first night in a new place?

Most people will have experienced the so-called first-night effect at some point in their life. When sleeping in an unfamiliar setting for the first time, it is likely to take longer to drop off, and the sleep we finally do … Continue reading

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Hip Dislocation / Dislocation of Hip

What is Hip Dislocation? A hip dislocation takes place when the head of the thigh bone is forced out of its socket in the pelvic bone. The hip comprises of a ball-and-socket joint. The acetabulum, or the socket, is a … Continue reading

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Hip Replacement in India

What is Hip Replacement? Are you experiencing pain due to damaged hips? Travel abroad to get replacement surgery at affordable prices. Hip replacement is a surgical procedure which is done to relieve pain and to restore normalcy in people with … Continue reading

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