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E-cigarettes might lead to oral disease, study suggests

Electronic cigarettes are perceived by many as an effective smoking cessation aid, and numerous studies suggest they are significantly less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes. A new study, however, claims the devices are not without risk – they could … Continue reading

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Gut bacteria may have role in bile duct cancer

An international group of researchers has found a link between gut bacteria in the bile duct and a raised risk of developing bile duct cancer. The team hopes the finding will lead to new, more targeted therapies for the rare … Continue reading

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Cruciferous vegetables protect against oral cancer, study shows

It is no surprise that cruciferous vegetables – such as broccoli, cabbage, and garden cress – are good for our health. Now, a new study demonstrates how broccoli sprout extract activates a gene that detoxifies carcinogens in the body, serving … Continue reading

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Cancer breakthrough? Novel insight into metastasis could offer new treatments

Researchers from the United Kingdom may have made a breakthrough in cancer treatment, after discovering an unusual mechanism by which cancer cells spread and survive in the body. In a study published in Nature Communications, researchers reveal how two molecules … Continue reading

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